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Our armored P4s are second hand vehicles from the stocks of the French Army – without registration papers

  • Low mileage.
  • Robust armor kit manufactured by PANHARD GENERAL DEFENCE , in very high resistance steel of the same type as that used on armored vehicles.
  • Armored glazing 31 mm thick, compliant with standard EN1063-BR2.
  • A loading space (Multipurpose Load Area) is located at the rear of the vehicle to arrange various equipment or integrate additional equipment. This chest (40 cm deep and 98 cm wide) is covered by a metal plate. This trunk can be accessed from the inside through a rear door located to the right of the vehicle.
  • Diesel engine – 4 cylinders in line – BA10/4 type gearbox, 4 synchronized forward gears – 4 wheel drive.

This vehicle is very robust thanks to its PEUGEOT engine and the legendary manufacturing quality of PANHARD and LEVASSOR vehicles. Its maintenance is also very simple thanks to the quality of the original MERCEDES G chassis.

Inside, there is space for 4 people with seat belts, a defrosting system and folding front seats to allow rear occupants to access their seats.

Model Brand Length Width Height Year Km / Hours Further information
P4B PEUGEOT 4.20m 1.70m 1.93m From 1982 to 1992 (depending on vehicle) From 700 to 230,000 km (depending on vehicle) Wheelbase: 2.40m

4 seats – 2 axles

manual gearbox. 4 forward and 1 reverse gears.

DENORD engine – 4 cylinders – Diesel

  • Mechanical overhaul & exterior painting included.

  • Sale for export and under conditions only.

  • Sale in batches possible.

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