Artillery part on towed twin-arrow carriage, self-moving thanks to its power unit (8km/h).

7 people per cannon

Weight: 10.8 tons

Length (unhitched barrel): 9.21 m

Width (barrel unhitched): 2.92 m

Height: 2.52m

Range: 20 to 30 km depending on the ammunition

Rate: 6 strokes per minute

Hydraulic semi-automatic loading by 3 strokes

Put in batteries less than 5 minutes

60% slope crossing, 1.20 m fords

Horizontal field of fire: 445 mils left – 675 mils right

Vertical field of fire: 90 to 1170 mils

Hydraulic pointing (goniometer)

Direct shot possible

Tractor payload capacity (TRM10000): 56 rounds

Types of shells: high explosive, illuminating, smoke, cluster munitions (grenades and anti-tank)

Can fire any 155 caliber 39 combustible shell ammunition

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  • Mechanical overhaul and painting included.

  • Several units available.

  • Licensed Material.

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