We propose a wide range of reconditioned and upgraded second -hand military equipment : 4x4s, 6×6 trucks, crossing engineering vehicles, combat vehicles, armored personnel carriers, artillery parts, public work vehicles (check our catalog) .

  • For example, 4×4 and 6×6 trucks, VLRA, TRM 2000 and TRM 10000 trucks
  • VAB, AML90 or ERC90 SAGAIE
  • 155 TRF1 cannons
  • armored P4s
  • Motorized Floating Bridges
  • water treatment units
  • lifting and handling equipment
  • various trailers
  • etc

We have a large stock of equipment that we can supply individually or in batches to equip an entire fleet as needed while guaranteeing rapid delivery.

Coming mainly from the French army and often with low mileage, these materials have proven their reliability and hardiness throughout the world: they are “combat proven”.

Our products are revised and adapted according to t customers’ wishes.

In particular, we can re-engine armored vehicles to extend their operational life and guarantee their maintenance over time.

We can also propose new armored SUV type vehicles for VIPs or tactical armored personnel carriers.

Internationally commited on 3 continents, we can support you in the maintenance of your equipment by sending our technicians on site for technical assistance or as a maintenance trainers .

With our accreditations, we can still air- condition your vehicles and operate their asbestos removal if necessary.

Do not hesitate to share your specific needs with us especially since all is not necessarily listed in our catalog. We will most likely be able to meet your expectations.

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