We offer a wide range of used, reconditioned and upgraded military equipment: 4x4s, 6×6 trucks, crossing engineering equipment, combat equipment, armored personnel carriers, artillery pieces, public works equipment… (see our catalog)

Among the most common:

  • 4×4 and 6×6 VLRA, TRM 2000 and 10,000 trucks
  • VAB, AML90 or ERC90 SAGAIE
  • 155 TRF1 cannons
  • P4s, Defenders
  • Motorized Floating Bridges
  • water treatment units
  • lifting and handling equipment
  • various trailers

(see our catalog)

We have a large stock of equipment available individually or in batches, enabling us to equip an entire fleet if necessary, with a fast delivery guarantee.

Mainly produced by the French army and often with low mileage, this equipment has proven its reliability and robustness throughout the world:

they are “combat proven”.

Our products are revised and adapted to customer specifications.

We offer the possibility of repowering armored vehicles to extend their operational life and ensure long-term maintenance.

We also offer new vehicles, such as armored SUVs for VIPs or tactical armored personnel carriers.

With international operations on 3 continents, we can support you in maintaining your equipment by deploying our technicians on site, whether for technical assistance or maintenance training.

Thanks to our accreditations, we can also air-condition your vehicles and remove asbestos if necessary.

Do you need special equipment or a specific service? Let us know what you need, and we’ll study your request to find the best solution.