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Our Motorized Floating Bridges (PFM) are equipments that allow the rapid deployment of a mobile or fixed bridge on a wet break. They can be implemented in currents reaching 3m/s, up to a bank height of 3 meters without any special preparation. They are characterized by their rapid implementation with a minimum of personnel. For example, 100 meters of bridge can be built in less than an hour.

The bridges can adapt to all gap widths for a throughput capacity of 250 vehicles per hour. PFMs can also be used as a ferry.

  1. a module,
  2. A ramp,
  3. a specialized semi-trailer,
  4. a tractor.

Military Loading Class 70T/80W

The modules have their own autonomy of propulsion which locks one another together. A PFM module constitutes a 10 meter bridge element with a 4 meter runway. It consists of a central box, two side boxes and two ballasts. It is equipped with two 75hp thrusters that can be rotated 360 degrees.

The module is transported on a specialized semi-trailer equipped with a remote control allowing the deployment, launching and recovery of the module by the driver alone.

The ramp is an element of the PFM providing continuity of passage between the bank and the edge module. The access ramp has a 4 meter wide rolling lane. It is equipped with track spacers and guardrails. The ramp can be used alone for a passage of a wet or dry cut with a maximum width of 8 meters.

The transport set is made up of a TRM10000 tractor and a specialized semi-trailer used to transport, launch and remove a module from the water, as well as set up the ramp on part of the bridge. A hydraulic motorcycle unit mounted on the semi-trailer provides the energy needed for launching and recovering manoeuvres. For difficult terrains the wheels of the semi-trailer can become driving- wheels.

The TRM10000 is a tactical truck intended for the traction of the specialized PFM trailer. Consult the TRM10000 sheet .

Dimensions of a TRM10000 and specialized semi-trailer combination loaded with a PFM module:

  • Overall length: 18.04 m
  • Width: 3.60m
  • Height: 4.061m
  • Length of the module alone: 11.10 m
  • Width of the deployed module: 10.10 m
  • Total weight: 32,269 Kg
  • Fording: 1.20 m
  • Minimum road width: 4 m
  • Maximum cant: 20%
  • Vehicles without gray card.

  • Mechanical overhaul & exterior painting included.

  • Bulk sale possible.

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