Our MATEM are mobile water treatment cells to make drinking water .

These are second-hand equipments, from the stocks of the French Army – without gray card.

Model Builder Height Width Length Floor area Volume
MATEM MOLRY-CHEMISTRY 2,100m 2.438m 6.058m 14.77 m2 31 m3
Further information
· Time for setting up the unit by 2 people: 3 hours,
· Treatment of surface fresh water of category A3,
Nominal flow: 7.5 m3/h,
Normal use: 20 h/day,
Operating temperature: from -15°C to +49°C,
Temperature when stopped: from -33°C to +77°C,
Storage under cover: from -20°C to +77°C,
· Flat ground with possible slope of 2%,
· Maximum height of water level / unit entrance: 5 m,
Maximum unit/storage box outlet height: 3 m,
· Distance from the capture point to the unit: 50 m,
· Distance from the storage point to the unit: 10 m,
· Distance from the discharge point to the unit: minimum 20 m.
  • Mechanical overhaul included.

  • Liners and gaskets replaced to new.

  • Bulk sale possible.

S2M-Equipment has VTL trucks and hooklift platforms that can be used to transport MATEM.

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