Ex-French Army vehicles in very good working order. Low mileage.

Chassis comprising a cab for the driving position (3 seats) and a platform. Composed of removable benches and tarpaulin.

Two models available:

  • the TRM2000 tray
  • the TRM2000 troop transport
Model Brand Motricity Energy Surface Year Km Further information
TRM2000 RENAULT 4×4 Diesel fuel 11.40m2 1985 to 1991 (depending on vehicle) between 10 and 77000 (depending on vehicle) 3 seats, manual gearbox, 2 axles, 4 cylinder engine.

2 models available: troop transport or platform.

  • Mechanical overhaul & exterior painting included.

  • Sale in batches possible.

  • Vehicles intended for export sale only.