Our AUVERLANDs are second-hand vehicles from the stocks of the French Army – without registration papers

4×4 off-road in very good working condition.

Model | Brand Energy Length Width Height Year Km Weight
AUVERLAND Diesel 4m 1.6m 2m 1994 Around 40,000 km depending on the vehicle Empty: 1.290 T

GVW: 2.120 T

GCW: 3.710 T

Further information)
PEUGEOT engine | 2 Axles | Gearbox: manual – 5 forward gear and 1 reverse gear | Brakes: drums at the rear and discs at the front.
  • Mechanical overhaul & exterior painting included.

  • Bulk sale possible.

  • Sale for export or use on private land exclusively.