S2M participates in the Dakar Rally Edition 2023

S2M prepared and lent a 1983 VLRA to allow Sandra (pilot) and Emmanuel (navigator) RIVIERE ‘s crew to participate in this mythical rally raid in the “classic” category, that of historic vehicles.

Following in the footsteps of the pioneers, winners of the 1981 edition on a VLRA, the crew races while assisting another historic vehicle (a P4) within thebrothers-in-arms stable.


The P4 crew is made up of two war wounded who are rebuilding physically and mentally through this human and sporting challenge.

The race takes place from 31/12/2022 to 15/01/2023 in Saudi Arabia, with 1 prologue and 14 stages for a total of more than 6500 kms including 3300 kms of special stages.

We wish them good luck

Some pictures …